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Bloggers Born 2 Blog (B2B) shared on Facebook “Woow! Murder case at EMPIRE Night Club”

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Sheikh Ramadan Bangura died. Police are still investigating the case of death and two suspects are in custody


Bloggers Born 2 Blog (B2B) shared on Facebook “Woow! Murder case at EMPIRE Night Club”.

Salone Gossip referred to the post as “fake” adding ‘with all due respect to the guys at B2B, but this is very “low and spiteful”. Forget the fact that we like to push your button most times, it’s nothing personal as you guys are obviously respected in some ways for what you do. But after we received this information and your deliberate act of not giving any update or clear explanation to the public about such bizarre post, we have to say we are disappointed”.

The EMPIRE Night Club wrote” Den reach out to we (Empire) for dae do advert for we, we tell dem say we nor dae wok with dem. The next thing den do na for go post say murder at Empire Night Club”.

According to a  member of staff who wants to be anonymous told the Truth Team that  Sheikh Ramadan Bangura did not die at the Empire Night Club. “I was on duty that night and all I can say is that I heard the late man shouting that his head was aching when two of his colleagues decided to put him in a car and drove off. He was not dead when they left here”.

The Proprietor of Salone Compass Newspaper, Ibrahim Kamalo Kamara said, “ the deceased did not die at Empire Night Club,” adding that  according to the autopsy result, “he was killed as a result of severe beating as the result showed that he sustained broken skull and broken body parts.”

Two suspects are in custody at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), The Officer in Charge Josephine Cole  said  that the matter is under investigation, and she cannot provide any comment until the investigation is completed.

The wife of the deceased, Haja Bangura on Friday 20th January 2023 urged the police to apply more efforts.

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