Navigating Truth: Unveiling Salone Fact Checker's Methodology

At Salone Fact Checker (SFC), our commitment to factual accuracy is unwavering. Our robust fact-checking methodology, influenced by the renowned PolitiFact Truth-O-Meter, provides a structured and transparent framework to assess claims and information circulating within Sierra Leone. With the aim of arming our audience with credible insights, we follow a rigorous process that mirrors the clarity and effectiveness of the Truth-O-Meter. Here’s an overview of our fact-checking methodology:

Claim Selection

We begin by identifying claims or statements that hold significance within the national discourse. These claims could range from political statements and viral news stories to social issues and public policy matters.

In-Depth Research

Our fact-checkers embark on comprehensive research, diving into credible sources, official documents, reports, and expert opinions. We leave no stone unturned, exploring multiple perspectives to form a holistic understanding of the claim’s context.

Evaluation of Context

We believe context is pivotal in determining the accuracy of a claim. By considering the broader circumstances, historical background, and relevant data, we ensure a comprehensive understanding of the claim’s validity.

Rating System

Our rating system is akin to the Truth-O-Meter’s, employing clear and concise ratings that reflect the accuracy level of the claim. Ratings range from “True” to “False,” with nuanced options like “Half-True” and “Mostly False” for claims with shades of accuracy.

Source Verification

We emphasize sourcing information from reputable and authoritative sources. Our fact-checks are supported by citations and references to provide readers with a transparent view of the evidence.

Transparency of Process

Similar to PolitiFact’s emphasis on transparency, we document our fact-checking process. This includes outlining how we sourced information, our reasoning behind the rating, and any additional relevant information.

Clear Explanations

Our explanations are designed for clarity and accessibility. We break down complex concepts, terminology, and data into reader-friendly language, ensuring that even non-experts can comprehend the assessment.

Citing Evidence

Every fact-check includes a comprehensive display of evidence used to arrive at the rating. This transparency empowers our readers to independently verify our conclusions.

Updating and Corrections

We acknowledge the dynamic nature of information. If new evidence surfaces or errors are identified, we promptly update our assessments and provide transparent explanations for the changes.

Inclusive Outreach

Just as PolitiFact extends its reach, we prioritize reaching diverse audiences. Our fact-checking content is crafted to be accessible to individuals from all walks of life, enabling wider engagement with factual information.

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