APC Interim Chairman appeared before Justice Adrian Fisher for contempt of Court

By Ophaniel Gooding and Ndemoah Mansaray

A tweet posted on 29th September 2022, by Mallam Osman reads “The Transitional Governance Committee (ITGC Alfred Peter Conteh is to appear before Justice Adrian Fisher on Wednesday, October 5, 222, for contempt of court.” A photo of the court order  was also attached.

The Director of Communications at the Sierra Leone Judiciary, Elkass Sannoh told the Truth Team  that a file has been submitted in which the defendants are asking the court that the plaintiff Alfred Peter Conteh be committed to prison for contempt of court because he had deliberately disobeyed and continue to disobey the judgment dated 28th April 2022 of the Hon. Justice Adrian Fisher in the undermentioned manner. Referencing paragraph 9c(10)(60) in which the Honourable court orders that in order to achieve unity within the party, decisions of the ITGC shall be of simple majority.

The Director further disclosed that Alfred Peter Conteh appeared on Thursday 6th October and not on Wednesday 5th October as stated on social media.  

The Interim Secretary General of Interim Transitional Governance Committee (IGTC) of APC party, Honorable Abdul Kargbo informed the Truth team that Interim Chairman of the Interim Transitional Governance Committee (ITGC), Alfred Peter Conteh  will appear  before Justice Adrian Fisher for contempt of court on Tuesday 6th October 2022.

Justice A.Fisher had ordered parties in the case(Alfred Peter Conteh &Ernest Bai Koroma and others) to file affidavits to deal with the preliminary points of law raised by the Plaintiff & to deal with the application for Contempt of Court in a rolled-up hearing , the matter was adjourned to October 17th ,2022.

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