Edmund Abu was not arrested, Native Consortium says

By Ishmael Sallieu Koroma

Native Consortium boss, Edmond Abu was not arrested as stated in earlier social media posts and audios.

In a statement, the consortium confirmed that the posts and audio indicating the Executive Director took part in a protest on the 19th September are fake.

The organisation made this statement after several posts were shared on WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media platforms in which it was purported the CSO’s boss took part in a protest on the 19th September.

According to an audio and statement release from the group, it said they had noticed that certain people were sharing video footage of their July 2018 arrest of the Native Consortium boss Edmond Abu.

“We want those idlers to desist from such mischievous propaganda. The consortium is not part of any so called faceless, lawless and mischief making September 19 protest that does not have a direction. We are warning people to desist henceforth,’’ the statement reads.

The organisation said they are a credible CSO that does not want anybody to drag their name into any propaganda.

It could be recalled that in July 2018, the Native Consortium boss was arrested at Saint John roundabout and detained by the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) as he unfolded a banner calling on president Bio to reverse the decision of government to remove subsidy from the petroleum sector which the group believed caused the pump price of fuel to spike, resulting in soaring prices of basic commodities.

His arrest on that day sparked widespread condemnation within and outside the country. He was released on bail later that day after lawyers, activists and journalists pressured the government with press releases.

The organization has previously engaged in several protests in the country on different issues including the increase in tariffs and poor facilities provided by mobile companies.

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