Fake Police Arrested in Bo

By Ishmael Sallieu Koroma

A police imposter has been arrested in Bo, Southern Sierra Leone, officials confirmed.

Superintendent Brima Kamara, head of media in the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) confirmed the officers had arrested a certain ‘Idrissa Fofanah’ who has been impersonating the police in Bo area.

“A man named Idrissa Fofanah of Sansan Ground, Freetown, was arrested at Komende section in Bo on Sunday 6th October 2019, at around 10pm while impersonating policemen of the Sierra Leone Police.

“He was in company of three other police impersonators who arrested a brand new unregistered Victor motorbike from a commercial bike rider Baimba Sillah, very close to the Bo Government Secondary School’’ he told Salone Fact-Checker.

His arrest comes after Salone Fact-Checker team came across a post from one Mr. Capable of Patriotic Sierra Leone WhatsApp group that claimed that a man posing as a constable of the Sierra Leone police force got arrested in Bo, Southern Sierra Leone.

The post showed a man in police uniform sitting on the ground while surrounded by other police men.

Kamara added that the fake police constable ran out of luck when the bike they had arrested hit a vehicle and was plunged in a ditch on the side of street exposing his plaited hair to the public.

“The public suspected him straightaway as it is unusual for a police officer to have plaited his hair, not to mention while on duty and in full police uniforms.

The police mouthpiece said they are on hot pursuit of the three suspects as suspect Idrissa Fofanah help with the investigation.

According to him, the four were from Freetown.

The superintendent also added police impersonation is not an isolated case. But, most of it is being carried on in parts of the country where they feel is remote enough to operate safely.

He noted, even though they (impersonators) try to operate remotely, the Sierra Leone Police has been successful in nabbing the perpetrators.

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