Football star Musa Tombo Stabs Himself, Police yet to substantiate attempted suicide and Bo Rangers Chairman blames political football pundits

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Musa Tombo stabbed himself and was hospitalized at the Bo Government Hospital. Police are still yet to substantiate if it was an attempted suicide and the related causes of the self-stabbing. Shortly after insisting on self-discharge from the hospital, Musa was also show on video walking with his boxers on the streets of Bo after an altercation with his wife . Bo Rangers Babadi has blamed football politician

By Tamba Tengbeh

Sports Journalist Hawa Dauda WhatsApp post went viral on Thursday 13th October ,2022 reading,” Musa has been rushed to the Bo government hospital, after stabbing himself.”

Shortly after that post, Dr Aruna Stevens at the Bo Government hospital told the Truth Team that Musa Noah Kamara also known as Musa Tombo was received at the facility unconscious but cannot divulge the medical conditions of the patient without consent from the patient, wife, or a family member. He however added that the patient was responding to treatment.

The Local Unit Commander (LUC) of Bo/West Police Station, Michael Jarett Kopomeh Laggah, informed the Truth team that the Regional Criminal Investigations Department was aware of the incident and monitoring the case. He confirmed that Musa Tombo was hospitalised, and it was reported that he stabbed himself at his residence.

“We’ve already detailed detectives about the said matter and will now need to substantiate the allegations of attempted suicide, which is a crime and punishable by law if found guilty,” he added.

It will be recalled that Hawa, wife of Musa Tombo recently released a video where she reiterated that she is a taking a break from the relationship due to emotional issues. She however made it clear that she is still Mrs Kamara but needed a break due to the attitude of her husband and may only come back if he (Musa) changes his attitude.

Shortly after the video from Hawa, Musa Tombo also released a video requesting that Sierra Leoneans join him to ask his wife for a second chance. Following that video unsubstantiated conversations also ensued on social media that Musa Tombo has impregnated his girlfriend which has prompted his wife to request for the break. Musa and Hawa held their traditional marriage on 16th December 2021 in Bo city in the presence of family members, friends, and relatives.

Musa Noah Kamara was discharged the same day from the Bo Government Hospital after insisting that he wanted to leave the hospital premises. Yester eve, Catalyst the Station Manager of Njala Radio shared a video on the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists WhatsApp forum showing Musa Tombo walking on the streets with just his boxers on around the New London area in Bo City. This was after another altercation with his wife according to eyewitnesses.

The Chairman of Bo Rangers (a club that Musa was recently signed up to), Babadi Kamara has blamed “football politicians “for setting him and Bo Rangers up against Musa. He alleged that they took “advantage of his situation and who attempted to take him to South Africa and later threw him to Libya for money without considering his mental state should now bow down their heads in shame. “

“You purported that Musa has no contract with Bo Rangers even when I submitted same to the FA President yet still you brutally destabilized the young man just so that he doesn’t represent Bo Rangers in the Africa Champions League,” he added.

The Bo Ranger Chairmen added that the “football politicians “have succeeded to destroy an innocent soul noting that “Wait and see what God will do to you.”

Musa Tombo has had a controversial football career since he was raised to stardom in the 2018/19 premier league season. He won the highest goal scorer boot in that league season. In 2021, Musa Tombo, moved to Bo Rangers from East End Lions for a transfer fee that was tagged as the most expensive football player move in Sierra Leone football.

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