By Augustine James, Agatha Konikay and Solomon Gabriel Brima.

A post shared in many WhatsApp and Facebook groups claimed that the West Africa Examination Council (WAEC) has sent two of their departmental heads on an indefinite leave and replaced them with two foreign nationals, following an ongoing corruption investigation in which they are allegedly involved.

Sallieu Koroma, the Public Affairs Officer confirmed to Salone Fact – Checker that the institution sent the three senior members of staff on leave for allegations ranging from misuse of office and misappropriation of funds.

“The three men who were the Head of National Office, Head of Test Administration Division and Head of Test Development Division are still considered to be staff of WAEC, they were only asked to step aside as the continued occupation of their various former offices may influence the investigation process”.

Koroma said that they really want to do the investigation fairly and without favour; assuring the public that the process will not last for more than a month.  “If they are found not guilty by December they will automatically resume office and continue their work. But for now investigations are ongoing” he said.

In the interim they have been replaced with two officials – a Ghanaian and a Nigerian. He added that the Ghanaian is holding two positions – Head of National Office and Head of Test Administration Division and the Nigerian is acting as the Head of Test Development Division.

The social media post also alleged that WAEC was supposed to pay examiners the sum of 2,500 Leones instead of 1,300 Leones per booklet.

Koroma said the allegation is untrue and lacked foundation. He explained that WAEC used to pay 1,000 Leones per booklet to examiners; but they increased it to 1, 300 Leones because of series of negotiations and lobbying for an increase.  But it is not on record to pay examiners 2500 Leones per booklet.

Another allegation that was dispelled by Kamara is that WAEC allocates special examiners to special schools in order to help them get good result in exams. He maintained that WAEC doesn’t give any preferential treatment to any school.

“At the end of every exam we distribute all booklets across the country and we don’t even have time to look at the names of any school” he said.

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