Wrong picture by gender violence crusader, outrages her followers

By Ishmael Sallieu Koroma

A former gender adviser to the former President Ernest Koroma, Naasu Fofonah has been bashed by her followers online after using a wrong picture of a journalist allegedly being beaten by security guards of President Bio on the 8th of September 2019 at the National Stadium.

The presidential guards allegedly beat up two female journalists during the Sierra Leone Vs Liberia world Cup qualifier.

However, the photo Fofonah posted on her Facebook feed on 9th September wasn’t a picture of any of the journalists involved.  The photo, which apparently outraged her followers, showed a woman looking badly beaten with blood dripping from her mouth.

On her post she remarked, “Violence against women from Presidential Guards is a scary precedent that should be stop immediately! Perpetrators of violence have no business guarding the Head of State!’’

Naasu Fofanah is a social media influencer who champions girls’ and women’s issues such as rape and FGM.

In her Facebook profile she is described as a mother, international development professional, Gender and Policy Expert and an advocate on women and girls right in Sierra Leone.

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