Alhaji Bademba Barrie Released From CID

By Augustine James and Solomon Gabriel Brima

Sierra Leone’s Criminal Investigations Department have released Alhaji Bademba Barrie after being detained at their custody following instructions from the lands ministry.

While confirming his release, Superintendent Augustine Mansaray, Operation Officer at the investigations body said Mr. Barrie’s release was as a result of a plea from the same ministry and the entire Fullah Community.

Mansaray added the plea was based on Barrie’s having health issues and that the matter was now being negotiated between the Fullah Community and the ministry of lands, housing and the environment.

A social media post on WhatsApp alleging that Alhaji Bademba Barrie who has a property at soldier town in the western area was detained at the CID headquarters by the SLPP government through the ministry of lands, housing and the environment.

Following investigations, the deputy minister of lands, housing and the environment Rex Bhonapha confirmed to Salone Fact – Checker that Barrie was indeed detained at the CID headquarters on instructions from the ministry.

He added Barrie worked solely on a particular court order to demolish concrete structures on his alleged property. The minister went on to say that Alhaji Bademba Barrie did such act without going through the right procedures of the ministry’s demolition unit.

“I personally made a video on the said property, disassociating the government from the act of a private individual. Alhaji Bademba Barrie has got the said court order since 2017 but he is only executing it now to give a wrong impression to the people about our government,” the minister confirmed.

He added that they ordered his detention for his failure in following the procedures of the ministry and for destroying people’s homes on his property without giving them prior notice.

Public Relations Officer of the judiciary of Sierra Leone, Moses L Kamara, confirmed that the court order had been granted to Barrie, who is the rightful owner of the property since 2017, but he waited this long to execute it.

Kamara further confirmed that Barrie had bought the said property from the community people and came to court for legal documentation.

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