Education ministry directs FBC to adopt online voting to curb election violence

By Augustine James

The Ministry of Technical and Higher Education has directed the Administration of Fourah Bay College (FBC) to conduct online elections in a bid to curb election violence.

In a directive from the Ministry of Education, the Students Warden, Reverend Canon G.B Buck were called upon to conduct online Students Union elections on October 31 2019.

Over the past few months, the college’s administration has tried on so many occasions to conduct a peaceful students’ union elections for the students, but all efforts had been marred by violence.

In a press release dated 2nd October 2019, the administration further stated that only students who have registered for the first semester 2019/2020 academic year will be qualified to vote and be voted for.

In an interview with the warden of students at FBC, Rev Buck said this will be done smoothly without violence and destruction of college property. He added that they will soon send out a notice as to how to go about the online voting.

“It is also believed to be a way of ensuring that the students complete their registration by paying their full fees and to maintain a violence free electioneering process,” said Rev Buck.

Speaking to Mark Ivan Vandi, a final year student at the mass communication department, he said the administration has dragged this election this far just so that students are not being heard.

“The administration only wants to use us as they want and that is the sole reason the student’s union elections had been cancelled times without number,” he added

However, misery still surrounds the online voting system since the mechanisms is yet to be confirmed, as this is the first time for students to elect their representative at the institution by that process.

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