Sierra Leone Police confirms Brutality was Meted on a Female Officer

By Ismael Sallieu Koroma

Sierra Leone Police has confirmed a police brutality incident in which a senior battered a femalecolleague of an inferior rank, a conduct that is contrary to good order and discipline.  

The Head of the Complaint Discipline and Internal Investigations Department (CDIID) in the Sierra Leone Police (SLP), Assistant Inspector General of Police, Christiana Davies has confirmed to Salone Fact-Checker that there was an incident of battery of police constable Fatmata Sesay by a senior college ASP Alusine Saidu Sesay operations Minor at Goderich Police Station.    

The event which occurred on September 17th, 2018, left several social media platforms including WhatsApp saturated with a picture showing a female police officer with blood on her body and uniform, while another photo shows her face with stitches.

The photos went viral so quickly, sparking bewailing reactions from the Sierra Leonean social media community.

According to the CDIID boss, they are still investigating the matter in which the senior police officer ASP Sesay battered a female colleague of an inferior rank, a conduct that is contrary to good order and discipline.

When asked if there was an act of insubordination from the junior officer, she replied “There was some form of insubordination from the part of the junior officer. But let me hasten to say that he has no right to assault or batter another officer. It’s purely against the law’’

ASP Davies added that the CDIID has concluded investigation of the matter and that she has transferred the file to the department of Public Prosecution (DPP) for advice.

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