Elevating Discourse: Unraveling 2023 Elections and Media Literacy with the Truth Team

Step into the world of informed discussions with Salone Fact Checker (SFC) as we proudly present an enlightening hybrid session titled, “A Conversation on 2023 Elections: Combating Fake News with Media Literacy – Lessons from the Truth Team.”

Supported by the esteemed US Embassy in Sierra Leone, this online event is a forum for illuminating discussions that bridge the gap between elections, media literacy, and the ever-growing challenge of fake news. The session draws insights from the remarkable journey of the Truth Team, a dedicated group of individuals who harness media literacy to combat misinformation.

Join us as we delve deep into the intricate dynamics of the upcoming 2023 elections and the role that media literacy plays in upholding truth and transparency. Our conversations will uncover strategies to navigate the misinformation minefield while promoting informed electoral participation.

At the heart of this session lies the invaluable contribution of the Truth Team. Through real-world case studies and impactful stories, we’ll explore how media literacy can serve as a potent antidote to fake news, empowering citizens to make well-informed decisions.

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