Unveiling Truth in Online Discourse: SFC’s Conversation on 2023 Elections, Fake News, and Women in Politics

Salone Fact Checker (SFC) proudly presents a compelling online session, generously supported by the US Embassy in Sierra Leone. Join us for a captivating discussion centered around the theme “2023 Elections: Fake News and Women in Politics.”

As misinformation continues to cast shadows over the political landscape, our online session seeks to unravel the impact of fake news on the upcoming 2023 elections. Through insightful conversations, we delve into the critical role that women in politics play and the unique challenges they face in the era of information overload.

A highlight of this session is the in-depth case study of the esteemed Honourable Dr. Bernadette Lahai. As a prominent female politician in Sierra Leone, Dr. Lahai’s journey offers profound insights into the intersection of gender, politics, and media. Her experiences shed light on the formidable hurdles that women leaders navigate, while also serving as a beacon of resilience and inspiration.

This online discourse, hosted by Salone Fact Checker, serves as a platform to foster informed dialogue, combat misinformation, and champion women’s voices in politics. Join us as we engage in a thought-provoking exploration of the intricate relationship between fake news, elections, and the empowerment of women in political leadership.

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