Police refutes arrest of an ‘Impersonated Lawyer’

By: Fayia Moseray Jr.

On  17th August 2020, a post was shared by a Lawyer Samuel Faduma in Law Society, FBC whatsapp group and by Comrade Dugu Yamadugu in the Auradicals WhatsApp group reading  “Lawyer Ivoh Macauley has been arrested by the Sierra Leone Police today at 7 Bathurst Street, for an alleged impersonation .If there’s anyone here who had an encounter with him before touching the subject matter please help the police on their investigation .I can confirm it that he has been taken to the Central Police Station” .

The Truth team at Salone Fact-Checker contacted the Local Unit Commander (LUC) for Central Police Station in Freetown – Superintendent Abu-Bakarr Kallon, on Thursday, 20th July, 2020 to verify the said story which was already trending on social media.

When asked whether anyone was arrested for impersonating to be a ‘Barrister at Law’, he made it clear that the ‘the news is false’.

He said that no one has been taken to the Central Police Department for impersonating or anything related to that.

Salone Fact-Checker contacted ‘Comrade Dugu Yamadugu ‘ to verify the story he posted, and his response reads “Well, I am not the author of the said piece. A lawyer friend sent it to me, so I decided to share it as well. But, I can’t confirm whether it is true or false”.

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